New Books

"CASE STUDY APPLICATIONS FOR TEACHER EDUCATION: CASES OF TEACHING AND LEARNING IN THE CONTENT AREAS," Mary R. Sudzina, 256 pages, paperback, ISBN 0-205-28762-X. Longwood Division, Allyn and Bacon. Order #T87621, price $27.00. This book illustrates how fifteen talented educators share their personal stories of successes, shortcomings, and growing pains (H. Gideonse, Mary Sudzina, Amelia Klein, James Allen, Deborah Sharp Libby, Stephen Koziol, Joanne Herbert, Todd Kent, T. Peacock, Mark Mostert, William Hunter, Theodore Kowalski. Case studies are slices of life which illustrate a myriad of dilemmas from moral issues to classroom management. Teaching with cases can offer educators a variety of opportunities to expand and extend their teaching skills, problem solving abilities, and grasp of contemp. issues in classrooms. Case discussions also offer a window into pre-service, in-service grad. students' experiences, opinions, percep-tions, or misconceptions of ed. dilemmas.

"CREATIVE TEACHING - ACT 1," Hans E. Klein, 208 pages, paperback, ISBN 1-877868-10-8. WACRA® Inc., NEEDHAM (BOSTON), MA 02492-1218 (email, price $45. Selected papers from the first Creative Teaching Conference in Lucerne, Switzerland in 1998. Contents: 1. Creative Teaching, 2.Projects & Work-shops, 3. Creativity in the Classroom, 4. Science, Theory, Practice and Information Systems.

'THE EMPLOYEE OWNER," Erik Maaloe, 477 pages, ISBN 87-500-3519-3. Academic Press, Copenhagen 1998 James Allen, price $60.50, email Employees are becoming major investors in their own businesses. More than 17 million U.S. employees now own over $650 billion in stock of their own working place. This has lead to the founding of "The European Federation of Employee Share-holders" earlier this year. A wealth of data shows that companies that combine ow-nership with a high degree of worker involvement, perform far better than other companies in the same sector. This study shows what happens when workers and management together buy their workplace. It describes how tough it is move from the adversarial 'we-them' culture to one of caring and sharing. The study is unique as a longitudinal study of a culture in the making and challenges experienced by different actors within the company have rarely been revealed in such detail revealing the emerging values of ownership culture: honesty and willingness to inform and listen to what may be a concern to others.