Attention Case Writers - and

Prospective Case Writers

Eighth Annual International Casewriters' Workshop & Casewriters' Colloquium

Designed to assist novice and experienced case writers to write, improve and publish their cases, WACRA'99 July 3-8, 1999 in Caceres, Spain, at the University of Extremadura, will feature the Eighth International WACRA® Casewriters' workshop and Casewriters' Colloquium. Case writers - and prospective case writers are invited to participate and to submit cases and/or contribute to the interactive sessions at Caceres, Extremadura, Spain.

Casewriters' Colloquium: Cases, including teaching notes (TN) are submitted to the Colloquium Director for a double blind peer review for acceptance. Accepted cases are sent in advance to a panel of expert case writers, case book authors, and all other participants who signed up for the colloquium. Each case is discussed by the panel and other participants. You will see the case editing and improvement process developed and you will assist in perfecting the refereed cases presented. The format is interactive and lively; everyone's contribution is welcome and solicited, regardless of previous experience. This year, cases are solicited from all business disciplines, education, medical education, law, social work and other disciplines which use case discussion.

Casewriters' Workshop: This activity is primarily for casewriters with some research experience. This workshop follows a format similar to the colloquium, except that other casewriters whose cases are being presented are the expert panel.

Submission: Submit four copies of your case before January 15, 1999. Include (at least) the rudiments of a TN. Submission implies that at least one author will attend the meeting and present the case. To facilitate the double blind review the authors' names should appear on a cover page only. From outside the U.S.A. please use airmail. Authors should note that colloquium and workshop are pre-conference activities (Sunday) and have separate registration

Requirements: Cases which still need improvement are solicited. Cases should describe real organizations and may be disguised. The author's analysis belongs in the TN which provides users with a brief case description, suggested course application, teaching objectives, teaching questions and answers. A discussion section is helpful and may include an extended analysis. Case outcomes may also be included. To obtain an information packet and other details please contact:

Dr. James W. Camerius, WACRA Case Colloquium Director
Walker L. Cisler College of Business, Northern Michigan University
MARQUETTE, MI 49855-5353 U.S.A.
Tel.: +906-227-1245; Fax: +906-227-2930 Internet: