Professional Networking: A Value-Added Component


Dr. Patricia Brock

Professional networking: a value-added component, a kudo for WACRA and ACT conferences. Like quality professional gatherings should, WACRA and ACT conferences provide formal educationally enriching presentations and workshops; however, in addition, WACRA and ACT conferences also provide opportunities for informal networking. This professional networking makes professional connections happen.

Several years ago, on a chilly January ACT 2 day in Lucerne, Dr. Beate Baltes and Dr. Patricia Ann Brock met for the first time. They both participated in an educational technology session. In fact, as Beate, from California, presented, Patricia from New York City, listened and interacted.

Something clicked between them; their similar concerns about effective technology teaching and learning surfaced. Apres the session, over Swiss hot chocolate, a mutual admiration was established; the seeds for a textbook publication were planted.

Several years later, after much research and writing, and, appropriately, communicating through transcontinental email, a new book was authored and published by the ACT 2 pair: "Multimedia: Bridging Standards and Constructivism in the Classroom". [2002] Houghton Mifflin.

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