Greetings from Buenos Aires

Eduardo Rosker
Buenos Aires, Argentina

It has been almost one year since I decided to launch my own new project. The original idea was to help universities and organizations better understand the importance of interactive methodologies, as pedagogical tools that would enable them to better prepare students to be become effective political, educational and organizational leaders in their countries.

The world needs ethical and responsible leaders. Universities and educational institutions have the responsibility to train and educate the leaders of tomorrow. Accepting and implementing creative and interactive methodologies and methods would allow Universities to move towards a model where the student is the focus of the learning - teaching process, where the student is exposed to real life situations in the classroom. What a goal!

Universities and organizations in many countries invited me this year to speak to their faculty and students. I lectured, taught and worked in Argentina; Bogotá (Colombia); Santiago de Chile (Chile); Valencia, Tarragona and Madrid (Spain); Mainz and Munich (Germany) and Brno (Czech Republic). I spent more days abroad that in my own house. I made presentations about teaching and learning methodologies. I also spoke about the present situation in Argentina, its culture, politics, the economic situation, the difficult times, the challenges and the future.

Today, I believe, I understand our global society much better. I have learnt to appreciate cultural differences and I am much more aware of what matters to other people, not-withstanding the challenges in my country. I feel like a citizen of the world, an active participant, and somehow I feel I have a responsibility to devote my energies to make the world a better place.

It was a hard year, really hard. I spent a lot of time on the project, I tipped into my savings, and I gave up time with my family. The success proved that the sacrifices were a good investment… I made many new friends, renewed old friendships, created a network of academic relations and I worked a lot.

My professional scorecard for the year is good and my personal balance sheet is very good too. On July 13, my second granddaughter was born. Now Victoria and Paz complete my joy of life.

One day in 2004, in a restaurant of Buenos Aires, a couple of very good and special friends (Hans and Amelia) encouraged me to make a decision on my future. Thank you!!! If ever I needed good advice, that conversation opened my mind and helped me make the first step in this new personal adventure. (So, they are responsible for my success as well).

And the WACRA family is such a “pusher”. I only received words of support and encouragement. Thank you WACRA friends. (Now hire me! I need to make some bucks for my living!) Thank you again.

I wish you, WACRA family, from the bottom of my heart, a very special, successful, and happy and healthy 2006 and . . . a lot of work!!!

Eduardo Rosker