Fulbright Association of Chicago

Dear WACRA colleagues;

Recently, on April 01 2006, I was elected the President of the Fulbright Association of Chicago Chapter. As the first Latino holding this position in the Chicago Chapter, I would like to offer my assistance and support to all my WACRA colleagues through the organization that I will be leading for two years.

The Fulbright Association is dedicated to promoting Fulbright exchanges, to supporting the field of international educational and cultural exchange, and to promoting policies that foster U.S. leadership and engagement in the world.

Each year in Chicago, the Fulbright Association hosts nearly 100 Fulbright students, senior scholars and teachers from around the world. The Chicago Chapter of the Fulbright Association has sponsored and will continue to sponsor, outstanding programs that introduce these visitors to meet and interact with former Fulbrighters and members of the international community in Chicago.

The Fulbright Association of Chicago currently has more than 550 individual members. The association is the membership organization of Fulbright alumni and supporters committed to fostering international awareness and understanding through: (1) advocating increased worldwide support for Fulbright exchanges, (2) enriching the Fulbright experience, and (3) facilitating lifelong interaction among alumni and current participants. If you are a former or current grantee, or are interested in learning more about how you can participate in the events hosted by the Fulbright Association, please contact me personally.

Please help me navigate these new waters of my professional career.

Dr. Ana Gil-Garcia
President, Fulbright Association of Chicago
Fulbright US Scholar 2004
Fulbright Senior Specialist 2003-2008
Fulbright Student 1987-1991